Welcome to 7 Days of Grace

People want to know their life direction, their purpose. Everyone wants to feel special. They want to be validated, loved and appreciated. People want to be known.

The problem is that people are blocked and locked-up, imprisoned by how the world thinks, acts and believes. The result, brokenness and living a lackluster life.

There’s a reason why people are dissatisfied, unfulfilled and lonely.

It’s a war of two worlds

We are born into a realm called the world. We are unaware of the situation or condition we’re in. Our physical reality is influenced by our spiritual reality.

Most people are unconscious to this truth. 

“It’s about the human condition and people don’t remember.” -JSF


To reach people who are locked-up and caught-up living an inauthentic life, unfulfilled, unhappy and bring to them a new way, and bring to them a new hope.

“We’re lost, locked-up and blocked chasing the wind, living a lie.” -KMF


To reach, teach and equip people to live a full, rich, meaningful life that is driven by purpose.

To play a vital role in the regeneration, care, treatment and support of people who are unaware of who they really are; who are being worked by the systems of this world.

To undertake community development inter alia through interactive education, social and health related programs.

“Adopted Persona: People are crying on the inside, wearing the worlds mask on the outside.”- KMF

What does 7 Days of Grace offer you?

People are blocked, locked and living inauthentic lives and unaware of their identity. They are merely chasing the wind and possessed by the 3 Ps. People are being worked by the system. People have the wrong philosophy and mindset.

  • If… you are tired of being worked by the system
  • If… you are tired of just going through the motions
  • If… you are seeking comfort
  • If… you fear the future
  • If… you are sad
  • If… you are lonely
  • If you (fill in the blank)
  • Come locked-up and blocked and leave unlocked and unblocked. Experience Transformation and Regeneration

“Living on purpose is the only real way to live.”- KMF

What is it?

  • An experience
  • A network
  • A community
  • A resource

The social outcome

  • People come in feeling hurt in some way, in some area of life. They are led to a shift, to transformation that allows them to identify the block and experience a breakthrough.

People rise above life's circumstances and thrive!

What can you expect when you come to 7 Days of Grace ?

  • Come and change how you see yourself. Discover the real you.
  • Change your thinking and how you operate.
  • Get solutions to improving your situation and outlook on life.
  • Get solutions to improve the 7 areas of life that matter. Experience regeneration and re-establish your life on a new basis.
  • Develop a meaningful philosophy of life. Learn about the true, good life. Re-define what success in life really is. Learn about the true standard of living. Learn how to work the systems of this world and thrive.
  • True healing
  • Find the way to true life and purpose. Learn about your adopted persona and who you truly are. Unlock a new reality.

Do you want to be made well?